August 4, 2013

What’s Behind the Paper?

Have you asked yourself, “what’s behind my paper?”  Does your surety make itself available to help you 24/7/365? Does your surety give you access to free online eServices? Does your surety offer assistance and guidance on how to expand your business? We think these are very important questions that you should be asking yourself. At AIA, we are not just another bail bond insurance company. In fact, we decided a long time ago that we were not just going to be like every other company – going through the motions and just giving agents powers of attorney (or “paper”). Our goal was to be the best “partner” in the business. A partner that listens to the needs of its agents and provides real solutions to make each and every bail bond agent the best agent they can be. So whatever the need you have as a business owner, to be left alone to run your business, or to work side by side with us to grow your business, we are there to help.  As a new bail bond agent with AIA, you get more than just a power of attorney.

You get: The most stable bail bond surety in the industry with over 100 years of credibility and experience from two of the most well-respected bail insurance companies in the nation, Allegheny Casualty and International Fidelity.  An experienced and knowledgeable staff with a broad set of bail bond industry expertise to provide you with insights and guidance in a number of areas including technology, marketing and legal.  Opportunity to join the ExpertBail Network, which is the largest branded network of bail agents in the country designed to differentiate AIA agents from the competition.  The bail bond industry’s leading defender of pro-bail legislation.  A FREE suite of eServices designed to make your bail bond business more efficient. The bail industry’s largest transfer bond system and only true nationwide network. We write bail in all states where bail can be written, including Puerto Rico.  The best agent service in the industry with 24/7/365 agent support; you don’t have office hours, why should your surety? A dedicated Account Manager to help you manage and grow your bail bond agency.  Access to a number of preferred vendor programs designed to enhance your bail bond business.…and much, much more.  Contact us today to find out how to submit an application and write with the leading surety in the business, AIA.

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Gage Gandy Bail Bonds of the Brazos County serving College Station Bryan area in Texas and surrounding areas for over 16 years. Texas A&M – Class of ’95.

Visit Brazos County Bail Bonds for more information on our Bail Bonds Service…or just call us at 979-821-2663 24 hours a day 7 days a week to speak with a professional bail agent.

Gage Gandy Bail Bonds has been serving the Bryan College Station area in the Brazos County for close to 17 years.

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